My first love was rocks. Rocks, and then dance, then poems, and staying up all night as a teen eating hamburgers, talking about life. I studied literature and philosophy, then knew everything except how to live. Walked the runways in San Francisco as a fashion model, inhaled the air of the greatest cities, fabulous cities in Spain, Italy and France. Rode the psychic roller coaster – that constant interplay, that I can and cannot transcend.

I’ve been living it – loving it and not – and the experience, coupled with my counterpart in the invisible worlds, fascinates me to brilliant wonderment…..about the journey that begins and ends right here with the self.

I’ve been living in the wilds of the southwest, in Durango, Colorado, and am now heading home to California. As Emily Dickenson said…”Inebriate of air am I—”

May the blessings be.

Meredith Rose.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. M -There are lots of things I knew about you–we’ve had long talks in cafes with rain beating
    against windowpanes–but I didn’t know your first love was “rocks”, so you are ever surprising, dazzling! I’d follow you down any rabbit hole (as long as we can spritz ourselves with some essential oils). Funny thing I was looking at this WordPress template before I found my blogger heart’s desire, and I thought the chick reminded me of you!

    “When you write, you want fame, fortune and personal satisfaction. You want to write what you want to write and feel it’s good, and you want this to go on for hundreds of years. You’re not likely ever to get all these things, and you’re not likely to give up writing and commit suicide if you don’t, but that is — and should be — your goal. Anything else is kind of piddling.”
    ― Dashiell Hammett
    “He/she felt like somebody had taken the lid off life and let him/her see the works.”
    ― Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon
    Thanks for letting us see the works…gorgeous writing,

    • Amazingly, I just found your comment….fabulous….re-examined Hammett recently…I believe he is a Gemini intellectual and political activist….

      and I’m honored to partake of the goddess energy in any conscious way…I never saw the blog theme featuring her. I replaced this theme’s original header image with her, and added leopard glasses with my friend Bernard’s help. She must be, for me, the most universal image of , well, whatever it is….

      It’s an interesting day, going to see some horses adopted by my friend Ingrid….eat fruit and ice cream….

      love always,

      In the beauty of the goddess,


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